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1. All attending ferrets must not have any illness or parasites. The ferrets which are on heat, pregnant, snappy, sick or malnourished will be disqualified immediately.
2. All ferrets have to be vaccinated againts rabies and distemper. Please don’t forget to bring the vaccination certificate for each animal. The vaccinations may not be older than one year and newer 21 days.
3. All ferrets have to have treatment for parasites. The treatment may not be older than 3 months.
4. Every ferrets that are in veterinary care need medical certificate which has to be presented to the vet at the entrance.
5. All ferrets will be checked by a vet at the entrance. Possible illness or parasites will lead to disqualification. The vet has the final say in this decision.
6. Smoking is prohibited in all showrooms.
7. Commercial activity is not permitted.
8. Each exhibitor is solely responsible for his/her Ferrets. Use of cage bedding, straw or hay is prohibited. Each cage should be clean at all times and must contain water, food and cat litter box. The cage size must be adequate in size for your animal. We reserve the right to revoke the attendance at any time if the cage do not follow these guidelines.
9. Snappy ferret can keep only in a cage with "SNAPPY" board. The exhibitor's responsibility if the ferret bites.
10. It is your responsibility to petting ferrets and let to petting your own ferret(s).
11. All ferrets have to be supervised at all times.
12. All ferrets must be handled species-appropriate and according to animal rights. Every exhibitor is solely responsible for the handling of his/her ferret. Snappish animal is disqualificated.
13. Other animals and ferret are only permitted not he premises with prior permission granted by the organizational team. Please note that number 1 of these guidelines also applies!
14. The short-haired ferrets can take part in the indicated categories. The semi-longhair ferrets (semi angora) take part with the short-haired animals. GÖTE will classify to categories the longhaired ferrets (angora) after the third closing time. The top 3 get prize in every category, and the Best in Show prize (the most beautiful ferret in show) among the most beautiful ferrets of every category.
15. Each ferret will receive a single start number and the judges will just this know and the ferret’s age and gender.
16. The judge-ruling is inviolable.
17. Instructions given by the exhibition management and their assistants should be followed.
18. Persons disturbing the event will be removed from the premises.
19. The Association of Ferret Owners (GÖTE) can not be made responsible for any possible loss of animales or damage to property during the show. Immediate disqualification of any violation of section.
20. The animal owner's responsibility if the ferret causes damage.
21. It isn't allowed to leave the exhibition area with animal during the time of the show. It isn't permitted to entry at the exhibition area with animal if the vet left. The exhibition management do not let to bring back the ferret which left the exhibition area.
22. If it is proved that the exhibitor registered the animal not with own papers (passport, vaccination documents, medical certificates etc.) will be disqualified immediately and can ban from the show.
23. The owners who bring animal into the exhibition area without the Assotiation's permission can ban immediately. If another violation (at the same exhibition or at the other exhibition of GÖTE) he/she can ban from all following exhibition.
24. During the exhibition must be observed the host's exhibiton rules and house rules too.

Immediate disqualification of any violation of section.


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